Waiting | Fort Worth Lifestyle Photographer

Here I am at 37 weeks playing the waiting game. I am not quite ready but just give me another week and I will be there.

19 days until this little person will be joining us. Big brother and sister were both early (10 and 12 days) so I am praying that this one will follow suit. In that case, I could be looking at just another week or so. And I am okay with that. I am very very VERY okay with that.

I am wrapping up client galleries. Working on blogging. Getting prints packaged and sent out the door. Trying to get the “nursery” space ready. Shopping for a few last minute things. Getting the house in order. And trying to rest. So much to do in such a short time. But so anxious to get these things done because it means I am that much closer to meeting this little one.

Last week I shot my last session. It was for my dear friend, Arden, of Arden Prucha Photography. (I will blog about it soon but you can see a sneak here). It was the perfect last session before starting my maternity leave. I found out I was expecting this sweet surprise just a few weeks after she found out she was expecting a surprise too. We spent our pregnancies chatting and comparing and sharing and planning. Everything was exciting but still seemed far off. Until she had her baby last week and it hit me that I am next. I. Am. Next. Oh my goodness, we are having another baby!

It was amazing to see her in the hospital and meet her gorgeous new daughter. It was an honor to be there as one of the first visitors. It was surreal to be in a hospital again. Holding a fresh new baby. Talking about labor and delivery. Knowing that I was next. I won’t lie, the experience got me excited and nervous all at the same time. Whether or not I am ready, I AM NEXT.

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