Thoughts on Pregnancy | Fort Worth Lifestyle Photographer

Actually, the title of this blog would be more accurately described as “Thoughts on a 3rd pregnancy”…

My first pregnancy was filled with extremes. Extreme excitement. Extreme worry. Extreme planning (and shopping).

My second pregnancy was less about the new baby and more about my toddler. How will I handle a toddler during the first trimester? How will my first child adjust to a new baby? How will I possibly be able to handle TWO tiny humans at one time????

My third pregnancy has been so much more laid back than the first two. I have had little time or desire to worry or be excited. I am not worried about how this baby will fit into our lives because, well honestly, it has no choice. This baby was conceived, is growing and will arrive into a family that loves it and other than that, this baby better learn to roll with it:)

When I found out I was pregnant, it was a complete surprise. I was at the amazing ClickAway conference, surrounded by amazing and talented women and my thoughts were on the future of my business, not expanding our family. I felt “off”. Not sick but not myself. I was tired despite the tons of caffeine I was consuming. I was distracted despite being surrounded by so much inspiration. I felt “weird”…not sick but definitely not normal. On my second day there it hit me. I looked at the calendar and my stomach started to churn. On a break I walked down the street to a drugstore and purchased a pregnancy test. I walked back to the convention center, snuck into a side bathroom and did my business. I waited. I prayed. I waited. I prayed more. The timer on my phone went off, I looked at the test and there were two lines. I was pregnant.

The rest of the conference I was SUPER distracted, obviously! I called my best friend and told her the news because I had to tell someone immediately (and I didn’t want to tell my hubby over the phone). I told my roommate because I needed to explain the lack of alcohol from that point on:). I told a sweet friend attending the conference who had just been through having a baby while still running her business because I needed some serious moral support.

On the flight home I had time to think. I journaled my feelings just because it felt right. I also made a list of pregnancy goals. This was my third time around and I wanted to do it right. I wanted to learn from past mistakes, break past habits and really enjoy what is definitely the last pregnancy. Here is what I wrote:

-enjoy the process- it is the last
-not wish away each phase- they will pass soon enough
-to be grateful through it all because I am being blessed with another baby
-to spend frugally and make wise decisions
-to enjoy the simplicity of it and not over think, over plan or over spend
-to bask in the excitement of my other two children.
-to spoil the other two children with love and attention until baby arrives
-to not stress out- about health, money, space or plans
-to give myself grace
-to slow down
-to feel beautiful
-to borrow as much as possible
-to document- the bump, the announcement, the big kids, everything
-to be healthy- eat smart, walk, rest, low stress
-to be grateful
-to not complain
-to pray
-to journal
-to enjoy in the suspense and the surprise

At 24 weeks, I can tell you that I have stayed true to this list pretty well so far. There are items on my list that are harder than others (eat healthy and journaling are tough for me!) but I am definitely succeeding overall. So, what are some of your top goals when you are pregnant?