Summer Mini Sessions Recap | Fort Worth Lifestyle Family Photographer

I am so behind on blogging. I have so many amazing sessions to share and just can’t seem to catch up. And now the fall season has started. So, in a desperate attempt to somewhat catch up, I am going to blog several days in a row. And the most shocking part… I am blogging out of chronological order. GASP. This is hard for my type-A personality but I am just going to start sharing what comes to mind and see what happens. Maybe I can actually get back into the habit, because believe it or not, I do enjoy blogging.

Y’all, this years summer mini sessions were one for the record books. Sure, it was crazy hot but my families were all completely on point. Wardrobes were perfect. Personalities shined. Locations were lovely. All the love for these sessions. Here is a quick overview of all the beauty that was the 2016 summer minis.