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Summer is here. Who is excited?

My kids are definitely pumped. No more school. No more homework. No more responsibilities. Staying up late. Playing all day. Yep, they are super excited. I am too…mostly.

Let’s be honest. Summer is not all rainbows and sunshine. My kids aren’t old enough to appreciate sleeping in yet so we are still up at 7:00am. Every. Single. Day. That makes for loooooong days and lots of hours to fill. While my people love to just dink around and play in their pjs all day, boredom does creep in. I know boredom is a part of childhood. And of life. And truly I appreciate that. I agree that kids need to learn to deal with it. They need to just stare at the walls sometimes. But as a mom to three little people, I can only handle, “Mom, I am bored” so many times in one day.

A few weeks ago, when summer was getting close and the kids were starting to bubble over with excitement, we sat down and made a summer bucket list. Yes, I know this is not new. Not even close. Everyone does a bucket list these days. This was our first time though. And it was actually really fun. Most of our list is super specific to our community in Fort Worth but many of these things can be done wherever you live too. Simply substitute your favorite park/restaurant/road trip destination and you are set. For those that are interested, I have our list (and links) written out below.

  1. Write a book- (this was a late addition but added to the top of the list…my OCD can’t handle that and wants to re-write the entire list:)
  2. Playdates- Thinking we will have lots and LOTS of playdates with friends.
  3. Swimming
  4. Putt Putt
  5. Bowling- my kids LOVE bowling and according to them we don’t go nearly enough.
  6. Go to the park
  7. Trinity Trail- One of our favorite things about Fort Worth is the extensive trails that we can ride/run/walk on
  8. Forest Park Mini Train
  9. Fort Worth Zoo (and the new splash pad there too!)
  10. Fort Worth Science Museum
  11. Library– we are big readers. In the summer, we hit the library weekly:)
  12. Parr Park– Awesome splash pad/playground in the mid-cities.
  13. Downtown- Fort Worth has an amazing downtown that is perfect for families. Stroll, eat, shop and play in the fountains.
  14. Movies
  15. Beach
  16. Picnic
  17. The Modern– our favorite art museum
  18. Art camp– We LOVE Van Grow art studio for kids
  19. Paint pottery– another thing we love to do at Van Grow
  20. Vacation Bible School
  21. Kids Kamp
  22. Camp Grandmom and Grandad- a week at the grandparents! Yahoo!
  23. River Ranch
  24. Tennis
  25. Puzzles
  26. Popsicles
  27. Sidewalk chalk
  28. Ice Cream Truck
  29. Tillery Park
  30. Art time- my kids could craft ALL. Day. Long.
  31. Build a fort
  32. Flight Deck
  33. Pump it Up
  34. Joe T Garcias
  35. Bike ride
  36. Houston road trip
  37. Water balloons
  38. Bubbles
  39. TCU Baseball
  40. Games
  41. Playdoh
  42. Legos
  43. Swimming lessons
  44. Dress up
  45. Marine Park Pool
  46. Smores
  47. Soccer
  48. Baby pool
  49. Botanic Gardens
  50. Read! (Not on the list but I needed a 50th item and we will definitely be reading!)

So, what are you doing this summer? If family pictures are on you list (which they should be so you can beat the fall rush), then send me an email for more information. You can reach me through the contact link above. Happy summer!

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Images above courtesy of my 365 project that is still going strong (but that is for another post entirely:) And if you don’t already follow me on Instagram, you should! You can follow our summer fun and see some super cute clients too. You can find me @sabrinagebhardtphotography