Something | Dallas Family Lifestyle Photographer

Over the summer I got to spend a whirlwind 24 hours mentoring with my friend, and amazing photographer, Michele of Pinkletoes Photography in Austin. Let me back up….

A few years ago, I attended the much coveted Pinkletoes workshop and had one of the most amazing weekends. I learned a ton. Made wonderful friends. Was inspired. Laughed a lot. It was amazing.

Ever since my youngest was born last spring, I have been feeling a pull of sorts. I have been very inspired but not producing anything that I thought was translating that inspiration. I needed something. Direction. Guidance. Advice. Teaching. Something. I didn’t know what but something was brewing and I couldn’t get to it. Almost like I was stuck.

I reached out to Michele and basically begged her to mentor me:) Once we nailed down a date, she agreed to drive her entire family up to DFW for 24 hours to hang with me. It was a whirlwind. We talked, ate, laughed, drove, dealt with a minor car drama, explored downtown Dallas, shot an amazing family session, sweat a LOT, ate delicious mexican food, laughed some more, were given a questionable invitation from our waiter, took a yoga class, culled through images, went swimming and talked a bit more.

It was fast. It was a lot to take in. It was exactly what I needed. I cannot thank Michele enough. She is such a talent and a great teacher. Not to mention how good of a friend she is. She wrote up a quick recap of our time together here.

These are a few of my images from the family session I shot with her. Keep in mind this was entirely run by Michele, I literally just tagged along and watched her work her magic. This family was amazing though. It was SO hot. And it was late. And everyone was just so fun. I mean, any session that ends with the entire family, dad included, laying down in a pool of water is pretty amazing in my book!