SGP offers photography mentoring!

Are you looking to grow your photography business? Are you struggling with clients or marketing? Are you eager to learn more about how to create authentic interactions and how to find your ideal client? I would love to share with you all that I have learned to grow my business during an in-person mentoring session.

I'm also available for travel. Please contact me directly for travel rates and to find out my availability. 

stay inspired and

you'll never stop 


In-Person Mentoring

In-person mentoring is $900 (plus tax for Texas residents). If I am traveling to you, add $250. Please contact me for additional details. This option is approximately 6-8 hours of information and shooting and will include:

- Photographing a session together – your choice of session type. And you will have permission to use your images for your portfolio

- What we discuss will be completely tailored to your needs and can include but are not limited to: composition, posing, lighting, candid approaches to photographing children, website/portfolio/branding review & feedback, online marketing tips, strategies & suggestions, pricing & workflow

- A follow-up 30 minute skype session a month after your mentorship

Online Mentoring

If an in-person mentorship seems too overwhelming or more than you need, I do offer an online option. Cost is $300.

- a critique of your online business presence and portfolio

- a detailed questionnaire designed to give me insight into your business or photographic journey

- a 60 minute skype or FaceTime session

- a 30 minute follow up (about a month later) to go over any additional questions you may have that have come up 

what past students are saying…

“Wow, where do I even begin to describe how much SGP’s mentor session meant to me as well as my business? When I reached out to Sabrina, I had been in business for roughly a year. Seeing Sabrina in action at a lifestyle newborn shoot was so inspiring! The way she puts people at ease is something that I have always strived for my own client experience, and now I feel like I have a better understanding of what that truly looks like.”



“Sabrina offered me wonderful insight regarding how to streamline my business practices and workflow so that I can stay inspired while delivering beautiful art and great service to my clients."


“Sabrina was an open book for our mentoring session, and was so easy to talk to! She had some great ideas for me, and I've already recieved amazing feedback from clients about the new direction I am going with my newborn clients- LIFESTYLE! You can tell that Sabrina actually cares about the people she mentors, and it meant the world to me that she was so helpful, direct and honest.”


“Sabrina's advice has been invaluable and I am grateful for her expertise! Highly recommend her services for your photography business!”


“Sabrina's strength is that she can perceive the big picture and make an action plan. I was able to tell Sabrina about my business and she was able to see a step by step plan to make it happen.  She has an eye for what really works and then can share the way to make it happen!  I was frozen with very little progress before she stepped in and just made a few, simple, actionable suggestions. I am now on my way to really seeing my ideas come to life. I definitely could not have done that on my own."


“I am a photographer and had hit a point where I felt confined to my comfort zone. I had been a huge fan of Sabrina's work and knew I would benefit from her coaching if I wanted to be able to grow with my clients. I had a session the week after she mentored me and I have never had so much fun and felt as confident in myself. Sabrina gave me real, actionable ways to build my brand. I finally feel like I have broken through to the next level of my career in photography.”


“I have always admired Sabrina, both from a photography standpoint and just as a fellow mom and business owner so I was ecstatic when she agreed to mentor me. From the technical issues to the hands on experience, I felt like Sabrina addressed all of my concerns both in photography and general blogging logistics. She is incredibly sweet and genuinely wants to help people. Despite the fact that I am a beginner, she was really encouraging.”