Blessed | Fort Worth Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

The thing about lifestyle photography is that you are entering into a client’s turf. They are not coming to your studio where you feel comfortable and in control. They are not meeting you at a mutual location where everyone is unsure. They are welcoming you into their home. Their territory. Their lives. This can be pretty nerve wracking for a photographer.

When I first started out, this made me SO nervous. I was entering someone’s home to hang out for a few hours and I had most likely never met them before. It was kinda like having a job interview at someone’s home. Only more terrifying.

Over the years I have been blessed by so many clients. I have been blessed by their hospitality. By their willingness to make me feel at home. Blessed by the friendships that eventually develop from these first encounters.

Over the years I have lost the fear that goes with walking into a clients home for the first time. That fear has been replaced with excitement. I have realized that these precious people have chosen me. They want me in their home. They want me to come and document the first days of their precious little one. I have realized that I am truly lucky.

This session was no different than the others. Meeting new people for the first time during one of the most wonderful and intimate times in their life was a blessing to me. I spent my morning getting to know them while snuggling their sweet son. Like I always do, I left feeling so very grateful that I get to do something I love and that I get to meet so many wonderful people along the way.

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