Happy Birthday | Fort Worth Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I met this family when big sister was a newborn. Things were different back then. They were living in their first home while they built their dream home. They were first time parents who, rightly so, needing reassuring and were very careful about things. And things were slower and a bit more “peaceful”.

Now here we are, a few years later, celebrating the birth of their second daughter and things look a little different. This session was in their new home (which is stunning by the way). This session was louder than the first and maybe a tad more chaotic. Even still this session was so much more loving and joyful. Because now they have two girls to snuggle and adore instead of one.

Okay, I have to make a confession, this session was almost a year ago. And I am just now blogging it. Shame on me. But, I thought it would be nice to finally put something out there in honor of her first birthday.

Today I am publicly making this statement: I will get better at blogging. I will. I promise. Why? Because you want to see adorable babies. And gorgeous travel locations. And, because I have stuff to say. Okay, sometimes I don’t but most of the time I do:) And, well, I like to blog. So, there I said it…now, who can help me carve out a couple more hours every day to stay with this goal?

Friends, if you are in the market for a newborn session or you know someone who is, please contact me. I would love to hear your story and document your precious bundle of joy in the comfort of your own home.