Before and After 2 | Fort Worth lifestyle photographer

I have another before and after to walk through with you. Feel free to look back at the first post here.

Since I showed an example of a lifestyle image last time, I thought I would walk you through something different this time. This is an image of my son from the beach last summer. This was shot at sunset with the sun shining directly on him. It is clearly an action shot as he was running from the waves. Side note: doesn’t this make you want to head to the beach now and get away from this cold February weather?

Here is the image SOOC (Nikon D700, 35mm 1.4 lens. ISO 160, 2.8, 1/2000)

sabrina gebhardt photography_fort worth lifestyle photographer_0231After I import the image onto my computer, the first thing I do is open the image in Lightroom to make some basic edits. For this particular image, I did the following in Lightroom:

-slight white balance adjustment lowering yellows and increasing blues

-slight levels tweak to recover highlights and increase blacks


-in the hue slider, I reduce reds and oranges and increase the blues and aquas (there was a lot of red/orange on my son to begin with because he was facing the sunset)

At this point, my image looks like this:

sabrina gebhardt photography_fort worth lifestyle photographer_0234When I am happy with the image’s basic edits in Lightroom, I export it into Photoshop CS6. Photoshop is where I do more “creative” edits. Like I mentioned in the last post, I don’t do a ton of “creative” editing because I like to keep things simple and natural.

In Photoshop, I do the following to this image:

-run a personal action I have created for sunset images. This action is a simple tweak in levels, adds a matte finish, boosts colors and runs noisewear on a low level.

-I am still not happy with the amount of red that is showing on my son’s skin at this point (sunset lighting is intense). To counteract this, I add a redness reducing mask over my sons body.

-the last thing I do to this image is to run a color pop action on all of the blue in the image (this action is just a saturation brush that enhances the colors that you paint over). As I have said over and over, I keep things simple and natural. I don’t normally use color pop brushes but I have found that with images that are shot at sunset or at midday, the colors your eye sees are naturally more intense so I try to mimic the same effect in my midday and sunset images.

– at this point, this image is “done” to me. It portrays the intense colors and contrast that is true from shooting in full sun at the beach.

sabrina gebhardt photography_fort worth lifestyle photographer_0237

Here are the images in progression… SOOC, Lightroom edit and PS edit.

sabrina gebhardt photography_fort worth lifestyle photographer_0243Lastly, here is a side-by-side comparison of where the image started and where I finish it.

sabrina gebhardt photography_fort worth lifestyle photographer_0240

I hope that this post helps some of you out there. Don’t forget to check out my last before and after post that featured an indoor lifestyle image. The next B&A coming up will be converting something to black and white…stay tuned!