Meet Sabrina Gebhardt

In my former life I was a jewelry buyer for a large retailer. On one of our buying trips in China, I had an inkling that something was "off". I went down to the local pharmacy, fumbled through the massive language barrier and bought a chinese pregnancy test. Let me repeat, a CHINESE PREGNANCY TEST. Y'all, I was dying. Back in my room I, again, fumbled through the language barrier and figured out how the heck to take one of those things. And much to my surprise, it was positive. Over the course of the next 2 days, I purchased two more chinese tests: each different brands just to be safe (because, duh). By now I was a pregnancy test taking expert and sure enough all three were positive. I was going to be a Mom.  

If you want some of the "technicals", I graduated from TCU with a degree in advertising, and received my Masters in Merchandising from the University of North Texas. I have lived in Texas my whole life and I married my college sweetheart.

Fast forward and I am now lucky enough to have 2 of the best jobs; stay-at-home mom and photographer. It is a crazy tough balancing act on most days, but I also wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world.

While I love capturing young families as they grow, nothing fills me with more joy than working with a tiny new baby. Something about being inside a hospital or client’s home and witnessing this joyful time just makes my heart sing. Tiny fingers, tiny toes, baby rolls, newborn yawns and miniature hang nails. I love it all.

If you haven't heard enough about me yet, here are a few more nuggets that explain who I am: I have three children that keep me on my toes (especially the third who is very, very naughty). I have a tea latte every. single. day. And yes, my children have my Starbucks order memorized. I LOVE chocolate. Preferably in cookie, cake or brownie form. So, technically I guess that means I love the glorious combination of chocolate and carbs :) I get overly excited about new calendars. I love filling in a blank new calendar. And yes, I am still a pen and paper girl. I believe that laughter is the best medicine. I make lists for everything. My desk and purse are filled with lists on post-it notes on any given day.

I also want you to know that I fully understand that the process of a photosession can seem daunting. The clothes, the kids, the timing, the location, did I mention the kids? Oh, and let's not forget the spouses. I get it. I really do. But here is the deal, photos matter. They matter a lot. I promise you that I have seen it all and can handle just about any situation. We will make it fun and as painless as possible. And in the end you will have moments frozen in time to last a lifetime.



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