A First | Fort Worth Documentary Family Photographer

I have felt a stirring to try my hand at a more documentary approach to photography. You see, that is how I generally approach photographing my own family. Lifestyle photography (what I currently offer clients) captures real interactions and joy but the moments are setup in areas with beautiful light and scenery. Documentary photography captures real moments just as they are- no staged light, perfect wardrobes or clean homes. Things unfold naturally. Documentary photography truly captures your real life…imagine being followed around by a photographer throughout your morning routine. That is what this session was all about.

I knew I wanted to do a documentary mommy & me session. I knew I wanted it to start early morning and go through the wake-up/breakfast/morning activity routine with a family. I knew the session was going to be completely customized to a family. As part of my SGP 5th birthday celebration, I hosted a giveaway on Instagram for a mommy & me session. When I contacted mom, who happens to be a pretty big name in Fort Worth, I was instantly excited about their session. This mother-daughter pair was the perfect duo to be my first client documentary session.

It worked out that this family lives very close to my home. I decided to meet them the night before so that I could introduce myself to the little girl and get to know her a bit. I knew the morning would go a lot smoother if she already knew me and there wasn’t a total stranger in her room when she woke up. This strategy worked out perfectly.

I got to their home at 7:30a armed with my gear and ready to go. This is when baby girl normally wakes up and I knew I wanted to be there to capture those first bed-head moments. I was there when she woke up, got dressed and made her way through her morning routine. I got to see how she chatters with her mom through the entire process. Once breakfast was eaten, we headed out on a walk through their neighborhood to a darling local bakery for an early morning treat. Stir Crazy baked goods is an amazing local spot.

After breakfast treats, we got back in the wagon to head back to their house and stopped at a local park on the way. We played for a bit and burned off some sugar and then headed home. This session was a dream. It was so fun to photograph things that they do together on a regular basis. The session was completely customized to what is “normal” for this family and I cannot wait to do it again.

If you are interested in a documentary style session, contact me at sabrina@sabrinagebhardtphotography.com