Pricing. Simplified.

All of my sessions are priced at one flat rate and are all-inclusive. No more packages. No tough decisions. All the digitals are included.

Life is full of tough decisions. Choosing a photography package shouldn’t be one of them.

Sessions range from $250 to $995 depending on the session type.
For more specific information on sessions and pricing, please fill out the contact form to send us an email.

Session types:

Newborn Lifestyle Session

Newborns are most comfortable in their own home so that is where we shoot. The flow of the session is dictated by the baby. Through the course of the session I will capture the family, nursery and baby details. In lifestyle photography, interactions are very important so all immediate family members need to be prepared to participate in the session.

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First 48 Hospital Newborn Session

A first 48 session is a simple way to capture the priceless brand-new-baby details. Once the baby arrives we will do a short 45 minute session in the hospital. This is not a time for perfect makeup, wardrobe and pristine nurseries. This is a session to capture details, newness and the blissful emotion that comes with those first few hours of babys’ life.

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Family Session

During this 60 minute session, we will have fun. My goal is to capture your family authentically. I will do a little posing, give you a tad of guidance and then we play. I encourage interaction, connections and genuine emotion through games and play. I want to capture your family and your child just as you are- smiles, frowns, quirks, silliness, tears, giggles, all of it.


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Milestone Mini Session

Milestone mini sessions are a perfect way for clients to use short 20-30 minute sessions to capture their changing baby or child at any time. Baby and child milestones are held exclusively at my natural light studio. A milestone mini session is also a perfect way to capture your precious baby bump in a quick maternity session.

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Family Mini Session

Family mini sessions are open only at select times throughout the year. These are 30 minute sessions for a discounted rates that are meant to give you that updated family photo that you have been wanting. If you are interested in finding out when these select sessions will be offered, you can follow our Facebook page here and subscribe to our newsletter here.

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