When I photograph your family it is my goal to capture all the moments that make up your world

Hi y'all. I am so thrilled that you are here and have decided to spend a little time in my world.


I grew up in a home with parents who loved photography and valued the art. I truly have had it in my bones since birth.  While I am not a Fort Worth native, I have been here so long that it definitely feels like home. I graduated from TCU with a degree in advertising, and received my Masters in Merchandising from the University of North Texas.


I have been married to my amazing husband for 11 years now and we have three children, Emerson (8), Ashton (6) and Paxton (16 months). My silly crew definitely keeps me on my toes.


I absolutely adore photographing young children with their parents. Life with little ones is messy and chaotic and beautiful all mixed into one amazing story. When I photograph your family it is my goal to capture all the moments that make up your world… the laughter, the love and maybe even a few tears. All of these details are what tell your story right now and as the years pass too quickly, these are the things you will want to remember forever.


While I love capturing young children as they grow, nothing fills me with more joy than working with a tiny new baby. Something about being inside a hospital room or a client’s home and witnessing this joyful time in their lives just makes my heart sing. Tiny fingers, tiny toes, baby rolls and miniature hang nails. I love it all.


Here are some random facts about me:

• I LOVE to travel.  Big trips and small trips, it doesn’t matter. Just tell me when we leave and my bags are packed. I was born with vagabond feet.

• I have a tea latte every. single. day. And yes, my children have my Starbucks order memorized.

• I LOVE chocolate. Preferably in cookie, cake or brownie form. So, technically I guess that means I love the glorious combination of chocolate and carbs:)

• I get overly excited about new calendars. I love filling in a blank new calendar. And yes, I am still a pen and paper girl.

• I believe that laughter is the best medicine.

• I make lists for everything. My desk and purse are filled with lists on any given day